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Plaintiff Beats Summary Judgment

Gelb Law was retained to help defeat a motion for summary judgment. The lawsuit stemmed from a plaintiff's unfortunate trip over a broken sprinkler hole. Our legal team skillfully crafted the winning brief. 

We demonstrated how reasonable minds could differ as to whether there was a triable issue of material fact. 

Premise liability cases can be tricky. It requires a careful balancing act to show how the dangerous condition was not so large as to be open and obvious but not so small as to be unforeseeable to cause damage. 

Through meticulous analysis and presentation of evidence we highlighted the company's negligence. Our legal strategy effectively showcased the duty of care owed by the landscaping company, emphasizing how the broken sprinkler hole posed a foreseeable risk. By delving into maintenance records and company policies, we illustrated a pattern of neglect, further strengthening our argument.

Our success hinged on our superb legal writing and analysis skills. 

This recent victory exemplifies our firm's commitment to strategic and comprehensive legal approaches. If you seek legal representation that secures wins through meticulous preparation and persuasive advocacy, look no further. Trust us to champion your case with the same level of dedication and expertise.

Practice area(s): Personal Injury

Court: Riverside County

Yisrael Gelb

Yisrael is the founding attorney of Gelb Law.  He graduated from Southwestern Law School in December 2021, where he was editor of the Journal of International Media and Entertainment Law, an official ABA publication. He was also a Moot Court competitor and an active student leader on campus. Yis...

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